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Vacating Your Property

When it’s time to leave, we will need to be notified in writing. Use the form at the bottom of this page to make this process as quick and easy as possible.

Please also see the items listed below when preparing the property for handover.

Special attention inside the property
1.Dust : Light shades, skirting boards, window sills, venetian blinds
2.Floors: Wet floors mopped, carpets to be vacuumed and stains removed
3.Walls: Marks cleaned rom walls
4.Windows : cleaned inside
5.Kitchen: inside oven, inside griller, range hood screens, inside cupboards
6.Bathroom: soap scrum removed from shower and bath, toilet to be cleaned.
Special attention outside Property
1.Keys : all keys to all locks should be returned
2.Windows: cleaned outside
3.Garden beds: weeded and pruned or trimmed
4.Lawns : mown
5.Hoses and fittings: returned and in place
External Presentation
1.Rubbish: all rubbish on the property to be removed
2.Garage: must be empty of goods and belongings
3.Under the House: must be clear of goods and belongings
4.Garden Sheds: must be clear of goods and belongings
5.Pathways and Paved areas must be swept
6.Mail: Letterbox emptied
7.Garbage and Recycling Bins : must be left empty